Embedded versus network mode of CutLogic 1D

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Embedded versus network mode of CutLogic 1D

After the CutLogic 1D installation, program works in embedded database mode. You do not have to install database separately - it is essential part of the program. However the data saved in this embedded database is not available for other users and can not be shared. Only way how to share the data is to install the Firebird database and switch the CutLogic 1D to the network database mode.

Changing CutLogic 1D to the network database mode

To switch the program to the network database mode, select the menu item "Tools > Database". Go on page "Server" and click the button [Change].


Fill in computer name or IP address where Firebird SQL server is installed and click the [OK] button.

Program automatically restarts and new Login dialog box appears.


Fill in user name and password and click the [OK] button to start the program.


Note: Firebird SQL server contains default user "SYSDBA" with default password "masterkey". You can use this default user for login into CutLogic 1D or create new users as described in chapter Users.

See also Network database setup.