Data backup and restore

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Data backup and restore

To backup or restore database, select the menu item "Tools > Database" and go on page "Backup".


Automatic backup

Automatic backup enables you to define frequency of creation the backup files. Check one or more options in Automatic backup area to match your backup strategy.


Note: Automatic backup works in the time loop. If you chose, for example, hourly backup, system automatically creates new backup file every hour. After 24 hours new backup file replaces the oldest backup file, so that the oldest available backup file can not be older than 24 hours. Individual backups (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, etc.) work independently, so for example if you set on Daily and Weekly backups, Daily backup will keep backups for last 7 days (one backup per day); and Weekly backup will keep backups for last 4 weeks (one backup per week).

Manual backup and restore

You can backup or restore your data anytime as you need.

Send database

You can send your data via email for diagnostic purposes to our support department.