Export to common file formats

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Export to common file formats

CutLogic 2D enables you to export data to Excel file, PDF file, CSV file and other formats. Export of common file formats is a part of Report window. You can export any report available in given report form. You can export reports from one of following report window available in the program:

Reports - Plans

Reports - Materials

Reports - Assemblies

Reports - Storages

Reports - Edge bandings

To export data, first select desired section (e.g. Materials) and click the button print_24 on the main toolbar or select the menu item "File > Reports" or press Ctrl+P.


Select desired report from the list of available reports, set-up Options and click the button [Export].


Select desired export format from the list.


Tip: All mentioned file formats can be sent as an email directly from CutLogic 2D.


Check or change export settings and click [OK].


Select the file name and directory and click the button [Save].



Note: CutLogic 2D has a built in report editor – FastReport® generator. For details how to work with reports (edit, print or preview) or for explanation regarding all report settings and/or export settings please download FastReport user’s manual from our web.