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Reports is an important part of the program, where you can print or preview any data (cutting layouts, lists, labels, etc.) displayed in printable format. It is possible to choose from predefined reports, or you can create new ones (customized data views, statistics, etc.). See more in Report creating.

Following list represents predefined reports divided into groups according to active section (Plans, Materials, Assemblies, Storages).



Cutting layouts

Optimized cutting layouts.

Cutting layouts [compact]

Optimized cutting layouts shown in a compact form.


List of plans.

Plan stocks

List of plan stocks.

Plan parts [grouped by sorting]

List of plan parts grouped according to sorting fields (when sorting is applied).

Labels - Cutting layout parts

Labels of cutting layout parts.

Labels - Cutting layout remnants

Labels of cutting layout remnants.

Labels - Plan parts

Labels of plan parts.




List of materials.

Material stocks

List of material stocks.

Material stocks [grouped by storages]

List of material stocks grouped by storages (when various storages are used).

Material parts

List of material parts.

Labels - Material stocks

Labels of material stocks.




List of assemblies.

Assembly parts

List of assembly parts.




List of storages.

Storage stocks

List of storage stocks.

Storage stocks [grouped by materials]

List of storage stocks grouped by materials (when various materials are used).

Labels - Storage stocks

Labels of storage stocks.


Note: It is possible to apply both, filter and data multiselection, to prepare the reports.