Import from clipboard

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Import from clipboard

Importing from clipboard is very similar to importing from any text based files like *.txt, *.csv or *.*.

Before importing data from clipboard, prepare relevant import data: in Excel, Notepad, Word, or any other editor (spreadsheet) choose the portion of data you want to import into CutLogic 1D, select them, then click the selected data with the right mouse button and choose Copy in popup menu or press Ctrl+C. Data saved in this way is always at your disposal for import.


Having prepared data in clipboard you can start with import by pressing Ctrl+J.


Here you have to setup options in order to format source data from the clipboard to the form suitable for the fields mapping. In our case we have activated option First row contains field names and we have set Field delimiter character to TAB value.


Now you can start to map the source fields to the destination fields. By left click on given "Source field" in the Field mapping table, mapping list of available source fields opens. You can pick one source field to map it on given destination field and continue until all mapping is finished.


When all fields are mapped, you can click the [Import] button and import is done. You can start to work with imported data.