How to import data

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How to import data

To import data, first select desired tab (e.g. Plan parts tab) and click the button file_in_24 in the main toolbar or select the menu item "File > Import > Import data from Excel, Access, CSV or connection file" or press Ctrl+I. Following open file dialog appears.


Here you can define the path to the file containing data for import, select desired file format and pick the desired source file from the list.


Note: To import data directly from clipboard, select the menu item "File > Import > Import data from clipboard" or press Ctrl+J.

Click button [OK] to confirm selected file. Following Import window opens.


Here you can define structure of imported file, map the source fields to the destination fields and define some transformations like "Default value" or "Multiply by" in this form.



First row contains field names

If the first row of import file is fields information, real field names will appear in the table of imported data instead of Field1, Field2, etc.

Clear current data before import

When checked, all data from target data grid will be deleted before Import.

Field delimiter character

Here you can set fields delimiter identical with fields delimiter in import file. (used only for *.txt and *.csv files)

Text definition character

Here you can set text definition in field. Some text fields, e.g. Description or Note, can contain characters identical to "Fields delimiter character", therefore it is necessary to define these fields.






Displays actual table format - structure of imported file based on selected Options. Shows how the fields and rows of the file are recognized. Important for *.txt , *.csv and *.* files.


Here you can set filter for imported data. See more about setting of filter in chapter Data filtering.

Field mapping


Destination field

Shows Destination field where source field will be imported.

Source field

This is mapping field where you can set the name of Source field, which will be imported to Destination field. If you do not set Source field, to Destination field won't be imported any value. For better orientation in names of imported fields see the data grid "Data".

Default value

Enables you to define default value for cases when values for given field are not defined (empty values) in source file.

Multiply by

Enables you to define multiply factor. It is number by which is numeric value of given field multiplied during the import.


Note: Program remembers field mapping for each data grid.


Note: When importing detail data, you can map master field description. In such case, import will find the master record and assign to it respective detail(s). For example, to import plan parts to plan with given description, map destination field "Plan".