Copying parts from Assemblies

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Copying parts from Assemblies

Assemblies enables you to define multi part products in Inventory and to work with them. Parts in Assemblies represent bill of material for given end product. Working with assemblies simplifies preparation work when defining new cutting plan. When preparing a new cutting plan for given material you can copy all Assemblies containing parts made from given material to the plan.


You are preparing plan for material U 40x3 mm because your customer ordered 20 ladders from your catalog.

First, have a look at how the parts of Ladder are defined in the Assemblies.



Note: Notice that assembly Ladder contains parts made from different material, so that you have to prepare separate cutting plan for every material in order to cut all needed parts. To have created multi-material plans by program see Adding multiple plans using Assemblies.

Now you can define cutting plan for material U 40x3 mm and copy related parts to the plan by using Assemblies. Define a new plan and click Parts tab.

Next click the button XD_BtnAssems to open Assembly parts form. Then click the button XD_BtnMarkAll to select all parts for copying into the Plan parts form and click the button XD_BtnCopyToPlan.

Following popup menu appear.


Select [Copy to current plan].


Enter number of assemblies - in our demo case we want to cut parts for 20 Ladders - and confirm the dialog.



Note: Notice that only matching parts with the same material as defined in given plan will be copied. See Entering multiple plans using Assemblies if you want to create multiple plans from Assembly.