DXF export

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DXF export

In this option you can set properties of DXF file which can be used to export cutting layouts in CAD exchange format (AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format). System is designed to create one file for each layout.



In this option you can define layer names and suitable colors.

Objects in layers

Here you can set which objects (Stock, Parts, Part info, Layout info, Cuts) will be exported to DXF file. It is also possible to assign layer name to each object separately. It means, that object will be visible only in layer with appropriate layer name.

Part info

If you want parts to include part info it is possible to define it here. Definition of part info for DXF file is the same as definition of part info for layout pictures in program/reports. The only difference is that you can't define tags here.

Save cutting layouts as DXF files...

Program enables you to automatically save DXF files after optimization. If you want save these files automatically, you can set correct path here and after each optimization new DXF files will be created in this folder.