Copying stored or predefined stocks from Materials

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Copying stored or predefined stocks from Materials

The second way how to enter stocks to the plan is to load them from Materials.


By clicking the button XD_BtnMaterials, the Material stocks form with predefined stocks opens.


You can mark one or more stocks and copy them to plan by clicking the button XD_BtnCopyToPlan.


Tip: Click the button XD_BtnMarkAll or press Ctrl+M to mark/unmark selected/all stocks.

After clicking the button XD_BtnCopyToPlan following confirmation dialog appears.


After confirming the dialog, the stocks are copied to the plan.



Important: Keep in mind that stocks with defined quantity represent real stocks of real Inventory and you can not edit them in this form, while stocks with "unlimited" quantity represent predefined stocks – templates. Such kind of stocks is virtual one and it can not be stored in Storages so that Storage field is blank. You can edit and change the same fields as in manual mode of entering the stocks.