Layout pictures

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Layout pictures

In this option you can set some properties for the displaying of layout pictures in program and reports.


Layout pictures in program/reports

Compact display of parts

Grouped parts with the same size have only one common info, otherwise each part has its own information.

Center part info

Part information is centered, otherwise is aligned left.

Display cutting coordinates


Coordinates are shown for each part size.

Only at size change

Coordinates are shown only for new part size.


None coordinates are shown.

Part info

Following text describes how to enter expression for part info in layout pictures. It is possible to enter any text and variables.



Every variable starts with @ and it is possible to enter following variables.


Part ID


Part #


Part length


Part rough length


Order #




Note 1


Note 2


Here you can set individual background color for Layouts, Parts, Remnants and Scraps in program and reports.


Color is defined by user and is the same for each part.


Colors are defined by user individually for each part.

Shades of gray

Shades of gray for parts are generated by the program.

Click button [Load default] if you want to load default settings.