Opening and closing the plan

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Opening and closing the plan

It is possible to close already optimized and finished plans and disable their unwanted modification. When stocks of materials used in plans are stored stocks registered in the Inventory, by closing the plans used stocks will be counted off the Inventory and their count will be automatically set to real values. In case of need, it is possible to re-open plans and modify them.


To close / open plans click the button XD_BtnClosePlan in Plans form. Opening and closing of plans is described as follows.

Close plan

Locks the plan so it is impossible to modify it. When stocks of materials used in the plan are registered in Inventory, the stocks used in the plan are automatically removed from dedicated Material and Storage. Reusable remnants are added to dedicated Materials and Storage as new stocks. The length of reusable remnants is set in Settings of plan.

Open plan

Opens the plan so it is possible to modify it. By opening the plan the changes (made when the plan was closed) are restored to its original state. Stocks levels are readjusted according to real state before closing of the plan and reusable remnants added to Stocks are removed.