Custom exports

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Custom exports

Custom exports module allows you to define and run your own custom exports. ("File > Custom exports" or Ctrl+E)




Export name: Name of export. If some exports have same name, and one of them is run, all will run.


Run type values:


Manual in menu  >  Export will be accessible also via menu "File > Exports".

Auto after plan optim  >  Export will run automatically after plan is optimized.

Auto after plan close  >  Export will run automatically after plan is closed.

Auto after plan open  >  Export will run automatically after plan is opened.


Format values:

xml (plan)  >  Export of cutting plan including cutting layouts into XML file.

csv  >  Export to CSV file using custom SQL query.


Output file: Name of export file.


File write values:

Rewrite  >  Output file is rewritten by export data.

Append  >  Export data are appended to output file.

Append with empty line  >  One empty line and export data are appended to output file.

Rewrite with empty line  >  If multi-selected data are exported, each data block will be followed by empty line.


Private: If multiple users share same database over LAN, each can make his exports private, non-visible to other users.


Options (for csv exports):

Delimiter  >  Field delimiter.

Quote  >  Quotation mark used to quote fields which include delimiter. To quote each field, double the quotation mark, for example Quote="".

Header  >  0 - export will not include field names, 1 - field names will be included once, 2 - field names will be included for each block appended


SQL: Here you can define your SQL query.


Masks you can use in output file name:

%expspath%  >  Represents standard CutLogic folder C:\ProgramData\TMachines\CL1D\Exps\.

COM  >  Output will be sent to (virtual) serial port. You can set serial port properties at "Tools > Options > Serial port".


Masks you can use in output file name and SQL query:

ActPlanID  >  ID of selected plan.

ActPlanSouID  >  ID of selected stock in selected plan.











ActPlanNum  >  Number (#) of selected plan.





ActPlanDes1  >  Description of selected plan.






Masks you can use for field names in SQL queries:

 _l  >  Transforms length value from database internal format to format set in CutLogic, for example select Len * 10 Length_l from Parts.


Press button Run to run selected export. (F3 or Ctrl+Enter)


Press button Insert to enter mask into SQL query.


Press button Copy to copy result of export into clipboard.


Custom exports support multi-selected data. For example if you multi-select 5 plans, and then run export in Custom export form, all 5 plans will be exported.