Adding multi-material plans using import

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Adding multi-material plans using import

This chapter describes creation of multi-material plans by importing parts made from different materials at once. First of all, you have to prepare such import data, as is demonstrated in the following image.



Important: Be sure that you have already created kinds of material you want to import to Inventory. Undefined materials can not be imported.


Note: This demo demonstrates import from clipboard. However, there are other kinds of import presented in chapter Import, which can be used too.

Copy parts to clipboard, open Plan parts tab (there is no need to create a new plan manually in this case) and press Ctrl+J to open Import window.


Map all relevant data fields and click the [Import] button. Following information dialog appears.


Confirm [Yes] and fill in the information in the batch import dialog (at least plan description).


Confirm [OK] and program automatically creates multi-material plans from imported parts.


Now you can enter stocks you want to cut from, and run the optimization.


Tip: If you want to optimize more plans at once (also with different materials) select these plans and run the optimization. See more in chapters Data multiselection and Running optimization.