What's new in current version of CutLogic 1D?

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What's new in current version of CutLogic 1D?

What's new in version 5.3?

Improved import from Excel files

Improved material inventory control via new fields Minimal Level and Actual Level

Added Polish language

Small improvements and fixes

Version 5.2

Added cutting setting "Maximum number of stock lengths" - allowing to limit stock lengths used in plan; optimizer will pick best stock length(s) for given parts

Small improvements and fixes

Version 5.1

New improved help file

Added Spanish language

Improved imports

Small improvements and fixes

Version 5.0

Interactive graphical representation of cutting layouts

Added German and Slovak language

New option Part Increase - program adds this value to both sides of each parts

Function split part(s) - useful when parts are longer than stocks

Optional automated loading of inventory stocks to new cutting plans

User can copy current material cutting settings to multiple selected materials

Program can hide cutting plans older than X days (settable in program options)

Added completion flags in part list in cutting layout reports - indicates line in which order, length or other value is finished

User can print part and remnant label right from cutting layout image by double click

Improved and streamlined import and multi-material import

Cost type can be assigned for each stock separately

Positions, lengths and visibilities of columns in all data grids can be customized

User can select multiple records and perform batch operations (optimizing, deleting, printing, marking, loading, etc.)

Function to copy record (in any data grid)

Renumber function (renumbers number column in data grid)

Improved graphical cutting layouts and overall GUI

New improved version of report editor and viewer

Improved and streamlined all reports

Multiple fixes

Version 4.7

Report "Plan Cost Detail"

Full support for Unicode - CutLogic 1D data now can include any language specific characters

Version 4.6

Capability to create charts in reports

Configurable sorting of layouts and layout parts

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.5

Export to RazorGage system

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.4

Closed cutting plans can be deleted now

Material lookup table sorted by description

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.3

Cutting setting "Minimize layout count" – reduces number of layouts in cutting plan

Cutting setting "Minimum layout repeat"

Import and export of whole plan from/to CutLogic file

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.2

Support of feet & inches in imports

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.1

Import of multi-material data with automated creation of cutting plans

Improved import from CSV and TXT, sorting capabilities for imported data

Batch reports

Improved performance on WAN

Creating multi-material cutting plans from Assemblies

Several smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.0


MS Vista OS supported

Firebird RDBMS used - more secure and reliable solution based on true SQL database for data protection like security, backup, crash recovery, etc.


Graphical redesign and optimization of program for more user friendly look and feel

Enhanced data grids for better navigation and data manipulation - new sorting and multi sorting features

Enhanced filtering capabilities - possibility to define new improved filters for cutting Plans, Materials, Assemblies, Storages, Stocks, Parts, etc.

New features

Module Assemblies - can store products or orders or both

Remnants (over) production control

Capability to copy cutting plans


30% faster optimization

20% decrease of cutting layouts

Improved OptiRefine module

Remnants (over) production control enables adjusting production of remnants and improves total yield


Filtering by date

Exports embedded into Reports

New embedded report generator and editor for customization of reports

Improved and extended labeling systems and report sets

Possibility to define custom defined data views and statistics


Imports from MS Excel files, MS Access files, CSV format

Imports from data sources (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird, etc.) via connection string

Added "default" values and "multiply by" values when defining import

Added filter enables to filter import data


Export to CSV, MS Excel files, PDF, XML, Open Document Text, Open Document Spreadsheet

Send by email feature

Improved export to TXT, RTF, and HTML


Distributed connectivity enabling various scenarios in different environments (local, LAN, WAN)

Improved support for LAN - user management, logon security, etc.

WAN optimization - application optimized for running in WAN environment