What is CutLogic 1D?

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What is CutLogic 1D?

CutLogic 1D is a top class length cutting optimization software, it is the best way how to save your material, work and time when you need to cut any linear material such as pipes, rods, tubes, wires, profiles, bars, cables, etc.

CutLogic 1D automatically finds optimal cutting layouts, using the most advanced optimization techniques. Its optimization engine takes advantage of Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic which represent fundamental techniques of modern Artificial Intelligence and bring better results than any other software.

CutLogic 1D is very flexible and complex solution providing extensive features such as full material and remnant management, enhanced reporting functionality or multi format import and export of data for seamless integration with your existing working system and much more.

CutLogic 1D with OptiRefine module is the only solution on the market providing an intelligent optimization refinement and re-optimization based on different priorities than just costs. See chapter Refining Optimization further in this manual for details.

Technology our optimizers are based on

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithm is an algorithm that mimics evolution and competition between individuals in natural selection. Tasks are encoded to genes of individuals and evolution produces better individuals with better solving. Neither programmer nor genetic algorithm has to know how to solve a given problem; solution is just bred. Genetic algorithms and genetic programming belong to evolutionary computation and artificial intelligence.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a truth-functional system that mimics natural thinking in a sense of dealing with the degree of truth rather than just with True and False. In Boolean logic an event can be only False (0) or True (1); in fuzzy logic an event can be sort of true - a number between 0 and 1.