CutLogic 2D

CutLogic 2D new version 5.2.0 - Panel Cutting Optimization Software

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What is the CutLogic 2D?

CutLogic 2D - application interface screenshots

Comes as a package with both guillotine and nesting (non-guillotine) cutting optimization - all for one low price.


When we started using CutLogic2D, there were a few things we expected - it looked cool, worked very well, saved our time, our money and paid itself very quickly. What we did not expect and were amazed of, was, that we learned how to use it at first glance!! It was so pleasant as this does not happen very often and our hats off to CutLogic guys in TMachines !!


We have been using Cutlogic 1D and CutLogic 2D since 2007 with great success. With the continually rising cost of steel every inch of scrap means lost revenue. Cutlogic has helped to minimize this. The programs are very easy to use and have great functionality. Cut lists and parts labels can be printed which allows our shop to keep better track of production. Finally, the support received is excellent and new, helpful features have been implemented over the past few years. We would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs accurate cutting plans in 1D or 2D.

Crown Steel Sales, Inc

Ordering Cutlogic 2D from TMachines was one of our best decisions. It was very easy to learn how it works; also the support is excelent. We use it to optimize facade panels, and we can also support our installers, as this way it is easy to follow the quantities for the orders and we can easily extract the cutting plans which can be forwarded to the customers, or to the cutting workshops.

Creaton South-East Europe

We've used the TMachines ActiveX 2D optimisation engine to integrate directly with our existing distribution software. It's allowed us the flexibility we needed, and was simple to use, more importantly it's allowed us to use a varying array of machines and manual processes with varying levels of complexity to be optimised by a single engine, and to integrate with our off-cuts. Not only that, but it consistently outperforms other optimisation engines in both speed and utilisation. We've managed to reduce our waste and make our staffs jobs easier, and it would not be possible without TMachines.

National Glass, RSA

I'm just so happy to receive my new version of CutLogic 2D. Just thank you for your work and be sure that I'm satisfied with it. I work with it many times a day and it makes my works better n better.. astonished!!!



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